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The First Stop Site for Cruising Information

Cruising Tips endeavors to be the single most useful website for anyone inclined to travel on their own by boat.

There are plenty of other websites that offer to be all things to all sailors. We will not duplicate their efforts here. Instead, we will help you find them.

We will provide resource directories, information on destinations, news, and navigation. Whatever you need to know look for it here first.

It will take time to create all the content envisioned. If you don't see what you need now, try again in a few weeks. Better yet, send us an email to help guide and prioritize our work.

Trip Planning

The unique value we will try to offer here is geography based resources - interactive maps displaying information on inland waterway routes, marinas, boatyards, etc.

These take time to contruct but we are already underway. Our first project is the inland waterways of Europe. In particular, the North Sea to Black Sea passge. Please take a look and send us your feedback.

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Copyright 2022 Epiphyte, LLC.