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The Need to Exceed

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

FMF recently had a major IC company contact us to say they wanted to do business with us and have us begin modeling some of their components. We had been trying to sell our services to this company for nine years so I needed to know why they were coming around now. The answer was simple – their customers were asking for FMF models. The nine years of marketing meant nothing to them, it was their customers’ requests they paid attention to. This is as it should be.

Every company that desires to survive and grow needs to listen to its customers. FMF has two classes of customers: the IC companies that pay us; and, their customers who use our models to design-in the IC companies’ parts. You are most likely one of the later.

As an FMF customer, we need your feedback. We need to know what you like and don’t like about our models. How is the accuracy and the performance? How is the ease of use? What can we do to make your board-level verification job easier?

If you will make the effort to give us this feedback, and tell us your expectations, we promise to try to exceed them.