My New Friend Vikash

Yesterday I met Vikash. He operates a relatively new website named FPGACentral. FPGA Central is created to provide a central place for FPGA/CPLD Vendors & Users to share experiences and information about FPGA Design, Development, Verification, Validation, Process, Tools & Products. Since the largest use of FMF models is for FPGA verification, we had a lot to talk about. Because the intent of both of our sites is to provide resources to engineers, we have decided to cooperate and see what synergies can be found to make your job easier.

Vikash and his associates have put a remarkable amount of work and energy into their website.  I hope to learn from them how to improve some of my own projects.

Along with SOCCentral and PCBCentral, FPGACentral should be among the bookmarks of every systems designer.

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