It’s DAC Time Again

The 46th annual Design Automation conference takes place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco July 27-30.  It will be the 20th conference for me and I have to admit I am not as excited about going as I was in the early ’90s.

Back then it was a much broader conference with papers about FPGA design and PCB interconnect timing modeling.  Now there is little other than chip design.  Not that chip design isn’t exciting – its just not what I do.  I suspect most EEs are not chip designers either.  However, I suspect the bulk of the revenue being taken in by the EDA companies is related to chip design.

That said, I will still attend DAC this year.  It remains the single best conference for meeting industry folk that I tend to meet only once a year.

While I head off to DAC each year with mild enthusiasm and low expectations, I have always come back with more new contacts and useful information than I had anticipated.  So, once again, I will see you at DAC.

Don’t miss the Denali party!

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