Flash Summit Off to Great Start

The Flash Memory Summit at the Santa Clara Convention Center got off to a great start today.  The three day agenda is packed with interesting talks on all aspects of flash memory.  According to Tom Coughlin, registration so far has topped 1200, a new high.  The fact that half the registrations came in just the last two weeks, Tom takes as a sign people are  becoming more optimistic about the economy.


This is the packed house that received Ed Doller’s keynote talk at 11:30.  Ed again spoke enthusiastically (that is his job) about Numonyx‘ soon-to-be-released Phase Change Memory (PCM).  He was able to give a few more details this time and told us specifications are available under non-disclosure.

The program for the rest of the conference sounds wonderful.  Unfortunately, I have other business at the OpenSource Wold (formerly Linux World) Conference in San Francisco tomorrow and Thursday.

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