FMF/Spansion Presentation – Part 3

Component models are software.  Like any other software, sometimes they have bugs or inaccuracies.  These can enter a model do to coding errors, data sheet omissions or errors, or changes in the commercial compilers or even changes to the language standards.  In any case, although we try our best to avoid them, bugs do occur from time to time.  So, we need a way to track them and make sure they get fixed.

FMF's Issue Tracking System

For this, FMF uses RT, an open source request tracker from Best Practical. The application is hosted on our own server and is accessible to both our engineering team and our customers.  This way we can ensure that once a problem is reported, it will not be forgotten until it has been resolved to the satisfaction of the person reporting it.  Sometimes an issue turns out to be a need to better communicate the usage model to the user.  Sometimes a code change is required.  The report remains visible on RT until it has been resolved.

Because we take reliability and support seriously, we have become the preferred provider of component models at several IC companies.

Reliable Models and Superior Support

Of course, we would like to be the preferred supplier to many more companies.  We invite our users to tell their IC suppliers that you would like them to provide you with FMF models of their products.  Most successful companies will listen to their customers.

Our open source based business model means they only have to pay once for the model creation.  After that, all their customers can download and use the models without paying a license fee or having to buy expensive software.

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