Tuesday at MemCon

This year’s attendance at Denali’s MemCon seems at least as big as last year’s.  I don’t have actual numbers but the presentation hall was nearly full – and it is a big hall. Phase Change Memory I found the first two presentations to be the most interesting.  The first was by Ed Doller, the CTO… Continue reading Tuesday at MemCon

MemCon Next Week

For those of you living near Silicon Valley, this is a reminder that Denali MemCon is next week.  Running Monday through Wednesday, June 22-24, it will include talks on NAND Flash Controllers, Solid State Drives (SSDs), DDR3 DRAM, and low power memory subsystems.  The conference is being held at the Hyatt on Great America Parkway… Continue reading MemCon Next Week

Model Requests

We have on the FMF website, a model request form.  Many of you have already used this form and I thank you.  At this time I would like to explain what happens when an engineer requests a model. It begins with a user filling out the on-line form.  The minimum required information is your name,… Continue reading Model Requests

The Value of Integrated Schematic Libraries

Why talk about schematic libraries in a blog focused on system verification?  Most systems (printed circuit boards on up) are still designed using schematic capture software. I was talking to a manager at a medical devices company the other day about his company’s schematic symbol library.  Like most libraries, it contained schematic symbols and a… Continue reading The Value of Integrated Schematic Libraries

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